Our Excavating Services

flowline fix excavation services

We Have Four Main Areas of Business That We Handle

But we are not limited to only these services

  • Excavating Services

  • Waterline Services

  • Sewer Services

  • Drainage Services

Ready to Service Columbus, Ohio

Flowline Excavating is an experienced Excavation Contractor. We ensure that professionalism and satisfaction are our top priorities. With years of experience, we are prepared to handle any project that you can throw at us.

excavation services

Excavation Services

Our excavation services include general excavation and grading. Excavating for foundations and room additions.

Waterline Services

 Our waterline services include new waterline installations, waterline repairs, and replacements.

Sewer Services

Our sewer services include sewer line installations, sewer line repairs, and replacements. As well as backwater valve installations.

drainage services

Drainage Services

Our drainage services include exterior water drainage, underground downspout installs, repairs, and/or replacements. As well as culverts, french drain installs, and catch basins.

What We Do

Sewage in my basement

My sewer lines are broken

I need a backwater valve

I need new sewer lines

My property needs professional grading

Grading slopes for my house

Level my yard

Repair my waterlines

Replace my waterlines

Install a new downspout

Install a catch basin

Install a french drain

Build exterior water drain

Excavate for additional rooms

Run new waterlines


Why work with us?

Well to start, we are a family-owned business. We strive towards absolute excellence and truly care about meeting your expectations.

We want to make your vision come to life. Let’s work together Ohio!

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